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Our team regularly publishes news, tips, and updates from the world of alternative energy. Read our latest articles and posts here.

Florida electric bills likely to increase in 2023

Florida residents and businesses likely will get hit with higher electric bills in 2023 as utilities continue to struggle with increased costs of natural gas.

Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy Florida, and Tampa Electric Co. filed petitions Friday at the state Public Service Commission that detailed expected costs in 2023. If the commission approves the utilities' proposals, each would result in higher monthly bills in 2023.

And that might not be all...

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How the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Can Lower Your Energy Bills

With a monumental climate bill now law, Americans have a new and improved set of incentives to electrify their homes and reduce their energy bills.

Home and vehicle electrification is a win-win as it lowers energy costs and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from everyday actions. But the upfront cost of electrification has historically prevented many Americans from enjoying long-term savings...

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Phone number:
+1 (954) 519-5136